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I am a first year licensee, what classes do I need to complete? How many credits do I need for my first renewal?

Renewals for first-timers must complete Post-Licensing modules A-O equaling a minimum of 30 hours of class instruction.

Can I print the course schedule on-line?

Yes, go to, under course schedule. You may also call the education department at (702) 784-5051.

Does GLVAR offer on-line Continuing Education?

Yes. Go to, click on the house labeled on-line courses, the screen will take you to 360 training, which is GLVAR’S on-line provider. 360 Training will fax or send you a certificate once you have completed your course. GLVAR does not keep duplicate certificates for 360 training, please make sure you call 360 if you lose or have not received a copy of your certificate, they can be reached at (888) 360-8764.

Where can I take classes to renew my Real Estate License?

GLVAR offers a full schedule of Continuing Education each month, including evening and weekend classes. If you are unable to find classes to fit your schedule, you may want to contact the Real Estate Division at (702) 486-4033 for a list of other CE and Post class providers.

How many credits do I need if this isn’t my first renewal?

After your first renewal and each subsequent renewal, you must complete 24 hours of Continuing Education every 2 years. Including 3 hours of Ethics, 3 hours of Contracts, 3 hours of Agency, 3 hours of Nevada Law and Legislative Update and 12 hours of General, unless you are a Broker Salesman or Broker include 3 hours of Broker Management. If you hold a Property Management permit and/or a Business Broker permit, you must have 3 hours of Property Management and/or Business Broker. Everything must add up to at least 24 hours of Continuing Education.

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